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If there was one word to describe the Camping Mums in my community: Empowsuppformed (Empowered, Supported, Informed).

But, if there is one word to describe other Camping Mums: Lost.

Whether you are mum who is a camping pro looking for ways to improve her camping experience now that she has little kids, or you are a mum of little kids who has never camped and has no idea what to do or how to get started – you’re in the right place!


Since you’re here right now, I have an inkling that you’re a problem-solver, you love being part of an amazing community, and you really want to make (more) amazing camping memories with your kids!

But, maybe you…

  • Have no idea how to camp with kids in tow, or even where to go!

  • Need help to get your equipment and packing list sorted.

  • Feel isolated. You want to be part of a group where you can safely ask the ‘stupid questions’ and you wish more people could relate to you


No matter where you are in your camping with kids journey, you want to make it simpler, more relaxing for you and more fun for the whole family!

You want to have a reliable source of information and advice, where you can get the info you need when you need it.

You want to know what’s going on – from equipment, to location, to set up  –  rather than relying on your partner.

But you don’t know where to go, where to look, or who to ask for guidance. You are a bit overwhelmed.

Trust me mumma, I feel you; I’ve been there!

Now, here are a few things I believe…

  • I believe that when women come together to support each other they make magic – empowerment, support and friendship are just the basics. Being part of The Camping Mums Club WILL light you up!


  • I believe that when you know what you need to do to take your kids camping and you learn the HOW, you will be unstoppable. The Camping Mums Club and I are here to help you get going.


  • I believe that every mum deserves to be part of a community that makes her feel happy, respected and confident. And, I’m determined to keep building The Camping Mums Club so it can give you that.


  • I also believe (if I’m being really honest) that husbands should sleep in a separate tent to mum & the kids when you’re camping. #justbeinghonest

In a nutshell: if you want to learn to really love camping with your kids in a safe environment, I am here to help make that happen.


Oh, Hi! My name is Shell Richter and one of the very few things I love more than writing about camping, speaking about camping, and running The Camping Mums Club is taking my kids camping.

Second to camping, is just being outdoors with my kids. Whether it's climbing trees, playing in the mud or feeding kangaroos, being in nature is the best medicine for us.

The benefits to humans, and especially our little kiddos, to being in nature is well researched and documented, so I won't go into.

But, the key thing for us is that being in nature makes us feel good, so we get outdoors as much as we can.

So, how did I become The Camping Mum?

Well, for a bunch of really good reasons, my family was camping almost every second weekend – escaping the mundane, the distractions and the screens – and loving every minute.

And, then, IT happened… a complexity I had never considered: I had to toilet train two toddlers while we were camping. Oh. Em. Gee. What. The. Fork!? I had no clue.

So, I decided to ask an online camping group that had 50,000 members - I was sure they’d have the advice I needed…


BUT, I was so wrong.

I got exactly zero answers that were helpful, but about two dozen like this, all from men:

  • “Just leave the kids with the grandparents!”

  • “Well, the first step is to find a toilet; the second is to get them to pee in it.”

  • “Stay home and do your job while hubby camps.”

  • “And I thought all women’s issues could be solved by Libra & chocolate."


I was flabbergasted and REALLY angry. So, I deleted the post, left the group and ugly cried.

When I finally calmed down (days later!) I started looking for camping groups run by mums so they weren’t dominated by the mansplaining, misogynistic and ignorant comments I’d experienced and seen time and again. And, I found a few, and some were good, but I just couldn’t find what I was REALLY looking for. Quite simply, the vibe was wrong.

So then, I stopped looking because I realised I was looking for something that simply did not exist.

After much thought, I came up with a BOLD plan…


I would start an online camping club that empowered mums, gave them the advice and information they actually needed, supported them when they were feeling overwhelmed and made sure they could do everything they needed to do for themselves, no men needed - a unique concept for a group dedicated to camping.

It would be a tolerant, respectful and friendly community and MAYBE 10 mums would join but they would be 10 awesome mums and we would become each other's camping family!

So, The Camping Mums Club was born!

I expected nothing but a handful of mums and a bit of good camping advice and banter. BUT, deep down, I hoped it would be more.

Fast forward 6 months and The Club had 750 members.
It was vibrant, engaging, supportive, respectful - everything I dreamed of and so much more.

Logo Squares (2).png

Our mums were going to campsites and catching up, taking turns looking after each other’s kids, planning trips together and sharing everything they knew that could help another mum.

And, the messages were rolling in weekly from mums who had been camping for the first time since having kids or even just gone camping for the first time ever.

And, then we hit 1,000 members and mums were saying hello to me at campsites, and that’s when I knew, that this could be more than ‘just another Facebook group’.

When I was 10, I wanted to be philanthropist so I could help make people’s lives better. I am not the legendary philanthropist I wanted to be (yet), but I am so grateful, because I AM helping make people’s lives better through the Camping Mums Club, and that is my dream come true.

So, with all of that said...

Logo Squares (1).png

Hi! My name is Shell Richter and I am The Camping Mum.


Through partnering with brands, writing articles and blog posts, speaking at events, and running The Camping Mums Club, I am sharing my passion for camping with mums Australia-wide and helping them enrich their families' lives!

Pretty cool, isn't it!?

Before I go, I want to invite you join The Camping Mums Club. Membership is free, but you must meet our membership criteria.

Once you’re a member, you get full access to our incredible community as well as access to a growing digital resource library of lists, campsite recommendations, product reviews, and more!

You’ll also get access to members-only merchandise, special offers and invitations to mums-only and family-friendly events! It’s pretty awesome.

Click the button below to apply for membership of The Camping Mums Club.
And, thank you for being here; I appreciate it and can’t wait to see you in The Club!
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