10 Essentials for Camping with Little Kids

If you're planning to take little kids camping anytime soon, read on for a quick list of the essential items The Camping Mums Club members wouldn't take little kids camping without!

Seriously, pack a lot of wet wipes.

1. Wet Wipes.

A mum can NEVER pack too many wet wipes. And, if you need a run down on how to use wet wipes for EVERYTHING, you're not actually a mum, so why are you reading this list!?

2. A thoughtfully equipped Toy Box

You don't have to pack a lot, but put some thought into what you do pack. Choose toys that are robust, don't have lots of fiddly bits, will stimulate imaginative play and keep the kids busy if it rains! Duplo or Lego is our all time favourite. And, if there is a safe place for kids to ride bikes, take their bike! You won't regret it.

3. Plastic freezer bags If bub is still in nappies, these come in very handy for nappy and wet wipe disposal. For older kids who are still gaining confidence with toilet, they also come in handy for containing dirty undies.

4A - A cot (for babies) If you have a bub who is not yet climbing, take advantage of their immobility and pop them in a cot while you set up and are busy around camp. Also handy to take to the beach to keep Bub safe while you have a dip. 4B - Marshmallows (for big babies) If you don't toast marshmallows when you're camping, are you REALLY camping? Marshmallow toasting is one of the best things about camping and is an absolute highlight for kids on any and every camping trip!

5. A night light

A lot of kids are afraid of the dark. And, when you're camping the darkness is REALLY dark. Pop in a little battery operated or USB charged night light and keep the tent cosy and little ones feeling safe at night. 6. Rainboots

In the middle of the night when you need to wee, or bub needs to be settled or changed, having a pair of rainboots at your door so you can keep your feet clean and safe (and warm in winter) is gold.

7. A bucket

For carrying things - like a collection of rocks, the dirty dishes or rubbish. For washing up babies, clothes and dishes. For your birdbaths or foot baths. Seriously, pack a bucket.

8. Enough nappies and/or clothes

The general rule for nappies - however many you think you need per day plus some extras (we used to go one extra per day when the kids were in nappies full time). And for clothes - two full sets per day.

9. White Noise

Whether you are using a machine or an App on your phone, it doesn't matter - pack it. Campsites can be very noisy in the mornings and white noise has given many a Camping Mum and extra hour of shut eye!

10. Wine

Camping with kids is awesome. But it can also be hard work, especially if they're having 'one of those days' or are just going feral with the local riffraff. Wine will take the edge off. Pack wine.

And a bonus...

11. Your Beach Cart

For real, get yourself a beach cart! This summer, beach carts have been one of the most well-used and well-loved camping items in The Club. They can go where prams often can't (and are cheaper so if they get damaged, it's not as big of a deal) so they're perfect for moving babies and kids whose legs aren't working. And, when it comes to taking ALL THE THINGS to the beach, to the shower block, to the washing up station, anyway really, your cart will make it easy.

12. Your Club Flag We use our flags to show that we are Camping Mums! It helps us find each other at different campsites which makes for a great camping trip. Another Camping Mum and her family gives you help if you need it (site set-up kid swaps are popular!), provides camping friends for the whole family, gives you confidence in the safety of your kids at that site and is a marker to help kids find their way home.

Be sure to check out my other posts about packing for camping trips... and don't forget your wet wipes! Happy Camping! - Shell


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