10 Little 'Luxuries' I will NOT camp without!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

When we go camping, there are a few things I will NOT go without. And, in my opinion, everymum is entitled to have her little luxuries, even when she's camping. I know, I know: camping is about roughing it and going without and all that. And, look, I mostly agree... but in some ways (i.e. Mum's little luxuries) I absolutely do not. Like, if we leave home and I realise I've forgotten any of these things before we've left the City Limits, we are turning around to get them unless they can be replaced at our destination. Discussion over.

So, I have been laughed at, mocked, judged and ridiculed for some of these things, and I don't care... I keep packing them anyway because I am #livingmybestlife.

1. Global Knife Set

6 knives. Sharp, Versatile, Reliable. I have tried to cut lamb shoulder with a butter knife. I have tried to puncture sausages with a sharp hair comb. I have tried to cut tomatoes with a blunt paring knife. AND I am DONE with that. This is a #sanitysaver. Put simply: life is too short for crappy knives.

2. Contoury Eye Mask Not sure if 'contoury' is a word, but my eye mask is everything.

It is made of super-soft fabric and it hugs my face and covers my eyes so perfectly. It's also ugly... but looks aren't everything! As long as I have it I will never be woken by sunlight again. And, a tired mum is a cranky mum. And, we don't want that now, do we!?

3. Sudoku Puzzle Book (& pen)

I am fairly geeky and love logic and order; playing sudoku really helps my brain unwind and relax. One time before I realised I HAD to take my book (& pen) camping, I relied on the sudoku puzzles in some trash mag I had bought for the weekend. There was ONE puzzle. I won't make that mistake again. And, the pen... well, it's like the knives. Life is also too short for crappy pens.

4. Sunvisor

My sartorial choices aren't particularly great at the best of times, and I think this is a bit of a fashion faux pas, but viva la sunvisor! I have long hair. When I'm camping, I like to wear it in a top knot. This is NOT POSSIBLE with a normal cap or hat... but a sunvisor has no top on it, so I can make my own top with my knot of hair. See, smart & practical, albeit a bit daggy (apparently).

5. Magnets And, I don't mean the type you buy at Officeworks, I mean industrial strength magnets. They're not big, they're not heavy and they're awesome for hanging up all sorts of stuff & things on camper trailers, tent poles, bikes etc. Car keys? On the magnet; Sunnies? Check the magnet; Spare undies... huh? I use magnets for all sorts of things around my campsite... I can't explain how I got this habit.

6. Kahlua

After a long day camping with kids I love to kick back with a Kahlua and Milk. LOVE IT. Plus, apparently it's 'fancy' and people feel special when I give them a glass. And, I like that I can make a campsite guest feel as valued as they are by sharing with them something so simple & easy, and that I love. Plus, Kahlua can easily be snuck into coffee in the morning ;) #yourewelcome #mumlifehacks

7. Gluten-Free Bread & Aussiemite

Praise be to the hipsters that made Gluten-Free food so fashionable and accessible. My kids and I have Coeliac's Disease and it's a rare little country town bakery making Gluten-Free Bread. I also love a few carbs in the morning... but what is a morning carbapalooza without those carbs being absolutely smoothered in #aussiemite and a few slices of avocado? So what if I'm a little bit hipster!?

8. Battleships

The ultimate husband V wife board game. I love that battleships is two player, has a basic level of strategy and that, when hubby and I play, we always end up having a really great time. Add in a few Kahlua & Milks, and I'm one happy #campingmum. Have't played battleships with your partner? You need to fix that, stat!

9. Coffee Maker (& Beans)

So, I'm actually addicted to coffee. For real. It's somewhat of a problem and finding the perfect coffee maker is an ongoing quest. But, I have an awesome one that my sister gave me and some beans from my fave local coffee shop #evastreetprivateer If there is not a decent coffee shop in town, I CAN NOT survive without this.

10. A Flag & Whistle

Now, these aren't luxury items, as such, BUT they kind of are.

The Camping Mums Club uses flags to ID their sites. This buys me some down time because I know exactly who I can organise a safe & quick playdate with AND my kids can always find our campsite! And the whistle? It saves me having to yell at the kids to come back home when it's dinner time!

In future, I'd love to add a GPS tracking watch for my kids to this list. Yes, this would be for them, but the downtime that gives me... that is the ultimate luxury!

So, Camping Mums, what are your non-negotiable will-return-home-for little 'luxuries'? Hit me up if you think I've missed something that I NEED to really complete my #campinglifestyle!

Happy Camping! ~ Shell


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