5 Reasons I LOVE my Isuzu MU-X

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Let me start by saying that I am not “that guy” who is obsessive about his car… but I do really LOVE my Isuzu MU-X and I’m going to explain why, because once you understand that, there’s a high probability that you too will consider an MU-X for your next 4WD!

Me with my rig: The Camping Mum MU-X!

1. IT'S A 4WD!

Whether or not an SUV is 4WD would be obvious, right? Apparently not; just tell the bloke who bought a Kluger to take his family to Fraser Island *sigh*. Anyway, I digress (already!)…

My family NEEDS a 4WD. To us having a 4WD means:

  • being able to get away from the masses and go off-road to places most people never go;

  • going camping in places of incredible natural beauty and having a great adventure getting there;

  • it means towing our fully laded camper trailer (2.2T) with ease;

  • it means feeling free, knowing that almost nowhere in Australia is off limits!

And, as we’ve recently discovered, our 4yo son (and all-round legend) LOVES to go 4WDing.


I’m not going to bore you with numbers about vehicle performance, this isn’t that kind of blog.

What I am going to say is that the MU-X performance is exceptional, right up there with the Toyota Prado - they are both outstanding 4WDs and leaders in their class. The fuel economy on an MU-X though, including with a full load, is significantly better. If you’re in the market, seriously do your homework and know your numbers! We were surprised; you might be too.

And reliability… well, I’ll just tell you that our first MU-X went swimming in Eli Creek at Fraser Island and even after she had been towed out and the water was cascading out the doors, when we pressed the start button she started perfectly. And, she didn’t skip a beat for the remaining week and half of that trip. And, since our new MU-X has come along, the standard remains the same: these rigs are as reliable as they come.


The MU-X is safe; it keeps winning awards for safety. And to me, safety is pretty important considering the very precious cargo I’m carrying in the back seat. Our ‘other car’ has a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, and the little humans only go in that when the MU-X is being serviced, because (in our opinion) it’s not good enough.

For people who live "normal" lives (for want of a different word), the risks associated with driving are huge; add in our intrepid and adventurous lifestyle and the risks of being injured in a car accident skyrocket. I feel like I’m making the best choice for my kids possible with the MU-X… and that’s pretty important because No-Mum likes #mumguilt.


Cam & I were going to buy a Prado and we were ready to pay for the badge. But then we looked into the MU-X and realised the value for money was excellent!

The MU-X had the same outstanding performance (except in very extreme & uncommon circumstances), better fuel economy both with and without a load, better safety rating, Cam & I both liked the look and feel of driving it, it tows like a dream, it had all the things we needed, the things that weren’t perfect were upgradeable and we could join the very new I-Venture Club.

We were sold… and spent the almost $30K we saved on an awesome Camper Trailer so we could take the kids touring across Australia. #bestparentsever


After we bought our first MU-X, the I-Venture Club sent us an Isuzu branded G-Shock watch (thank you!) and a ticket for a free return barge to Moreton Island so we could break her in. It was a fun weekend with two very small babies in tow. And, that was that.

Fast forward 3 years and wow! We have only now realised the true value of the I-Venture Club and the scope of the resources we can access through it.

And, last weekend we went on an I-Venture Club training day at Moreton Island which, literally, changed our lives because this her Camping Mum can now #drivelikeamother… and like all family stuff, when Mums on board, it’s on!

. . . . .

I loved the I-Venture Club training that I made a video of the day! Check it out here:

If you love this video and want to see more photos and videos from the day, follow me on Instagram (@therealcampingmum) and check out my I-Venture story!

Happy Trails!

~ Shell


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