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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

It’s 4:30pm and two little adventurers are nipping at my heels. “Muuuum, I’m hungryyyy,” “Mum, what’s for dinner?” “Mum…” “Mum?” “Mumumumumummmmmm.”

It’s time to cook up a camping feast, and I’m seriously not feeling it. Enter Sausage on Bread: a quick and simple antidote to the hangry-kid chaos unfolding around me!

Woman holding a cooked sausage on white bread
Dinner's ready kids! It's SAUSAGE ON BREAD! Woohoo. #mumoftheyear

We Mums all know the importance of providing nutritious, balanced meals to our kiddos. And, most of us are doing a cracking job of this every day... for breakfast, lunch, dinner, munch & crunch, morning tea, afternoon tea, car snack, late snack, and supper.

But, sometimes you need a break from making food! And sometimes that time is when you’re camping and you’ve had a long day of fun, a few bevies and are feeling super-chill (because #campingmumshavemorefun!) And, when it's this time, you need a quick dinner win. And, when you need this quick dinner win, Sausage on Bread has your back.

Here are 6 reasons why you should never leave on a camping trip with kids without at least one dinner of “Sausage & Bread” on your meal plan…


Step 1. Heat BBQ / Cooking Equipment. When hot, throw on sausages. Cook, turning occasionally. Step 2. When sausages are cooked, put one on a slice of bread. Give to hungry child. Et Voila! It doesn’t get simpler.

Feeling Fancy? You can tart up your sausage on bread by adding sauce, cooked onions and, for a bit more nutrition, some salad stuff, and even pair it with a nicely matched alcohol. (Scroll to the bottom for my recommended Top Alcohol Matches for Sausage on Bread. You're welcome!) Want to get the (older) kids involved? Pop a raw sausage on a stick and get them to cook their own sausage over the fire. It'll get them out of your hair for a while, although I do not recommend for younger kids or those who lose patience easily.

2. IT'S CHEAP AND EASY TO BUY Unless you need Allergy-Friendly ingredients (see Reason #4), a loaf of bread and tray of sausages will feed a young family for about $10… $15 if you want ‘fancy’ sausages. And you can buy normal sausages and bread pretty much anywhere in Australia. If you have allergies, plan ahead. Hot Tip: Need Allergy-Friendly stuff when you get to the next major town? Call ahead - most shops are happy to hold items for you.


Even little kids can hold a snag on bread in their cute, pudgy little hands. Sure, it might end up on the ground if they’re really little, but no biggie, because Reason 2.


Gluten. Soy. Egg. Dairy. This delicacy can easily cater to these main allergies & food intolerances. And, if you have Vegetarians or Vegans in your crew, there are ways to make it work.

5. IT'S EASY TO STORE AND TRANSPORT Keep your sausages cold and don’t squish the bread. You’ve got this. But seriously, you don’t need a lot of space for a tray of sausages in your esky or camping fridge, you can easily throw your tray in a more watertight container if you need to and sausages, as long as they’re kept cold, last a few days.

6. IT'S A FUN DINNER! Imagine you’re 5 years old and it’s dinner time on a group camping trip. You look up and see all the parents standing around the BBQ having a chat and a laugh; you can smell the BBQ, the crickets are starting to chirp and it's getting darker; you’re playing with your best camping friends; you have a yummy sausage on bread in your hand. Your tummy & heart are full. You think to yourself, “This camping trip is FUN!” ... and kids having fun is what taking them camping is all about! Mission accomplished Mumma!

So, until next time… don't forget to pack the snags.

Happy Camping! - Shell

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist and this post should definitely not constitute nutritional advice. If you want actual nutritional advice specific to camping please get in touch and I’ll connect you to a qualified nutritionist.



(Especially for The Camping Mums)

If you’re looking to bring out the best from your snags, these are my recommended pairings:


  • Red Wine: Malbec or GSM Blend

  • Aussie Pale Ale


  • White Wine: Unoaked Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc

  • Red Wine: Pinot Noir

  • Apple or Pear Cider


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