Camping Mums, I honour You!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day, Camping Mums. I am so proud and privileged to be at the helm of The Camping Mums Club and, in honour of Club Members, wrote a poem to celebrate the first Mother's Day since the Club was founded.

Enjoying sunrise at Uluru with my two little humans, April 2019. Photo credit: IG @ricventures


Hubby decides he wants to go camping, So he looks to You... Your plate is already overflowing, You have a million things to do.

But, you smile, and inwardly freak out ... Taking the baby & toddler camping! You haven’t been camping since you had the kids; Can’t you all just go glamping?

After you’ve freaked out and had a morning vino, You join The Camping Mums Club. You heard on the grapevine that these ladies will help you; They’ll teach you how to camp with the cubs.

What you find are wonderful Camping Mums, Beginners through to some of the best, Sharing tips and advice on how to take kids camping, Have some fun and even get some rest!

You learn that these fierce Mummas do everything, To get their families out in nature. And they do it so their beautiful kids can Enjoy life away from screens and pressure.

These mums pack all the clothes, food and eskys, Roof racks, tents and trailers, They pack everything for everyone, Without them, it’d be a Camping Failure.

They research campsites to make sure, It has everything for their crew. Stuff to keep the kids entertained, While making sure hubby is happy too.

Each Camping Mum is an unsung hero, Making life so much better for their family. You know that for learning how to Camp with your kids, The Club is the only place for you to be.

The weekend arrives of your first trip with your kids; And it is a total success! Hubby says it was all because of him, But you know you did it all and you learnt from the best.

You packed all the clothes, food and eskys, You packed the roof racks, the wagon and the tent, You organised the car, the first aid kit, the beds, You organised the campsite and the kids entertainment.

But when you were camping you couldn’t believe, The changes you saw in your children’s behaviour, Usually irritable, often rude & tantrumy, They were happy & relaxed - Camping’s your saviour!

The learning curve & effort was massive; Getting everything organised was hard! But you realise you’d do it again in a heartbeat, Because your children feeling happy is Your reward.

And over the months you transform and become, A fully fledged Camping Mum! You are empowered, supported and know your stuff; And camping has become so much fun!

Your family goes camping every month, You go fishing and off-roading too, You live to see your kids outdoors and happy, And camping becomes something you love to do.

Your hubby keeps talking himself up; Taking the credit for getting your family outdoors. But you know it’s you making it happen, So you go online, buy more gear, smile & ignore.

One day you realise that Your Camping Mums Club, Gives you confidence and strength, more than words can say; And you smile because every day in Your Camping Mums Club, Has always been (And will always be) Mother’s Day.


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