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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

We've all been there... two days into a camping trip and your ice has melted, your drinks are floating in a pool of sludgy water and you're not sure that your sausages (in their supermarket cling wrap) will make it until tomorrow night's dinner! Want to keep your esky (and its contents) colder for longer?

Try these tips from The Camping Mums!

  • Use 1.5L juice or plastic food containers to make ice bricks or just buy a second bag of party ice and don't break it up - the large size means they will take longer to thaw than the smaller ice pieces.

  • Add salt to your ice blocks & bricks - it stops your ice from melting as quickly.

  • Pre-cool your esky (with party ice or bricks) the day before you need to use it!

  • Pack your food in watertight zip lock bags... that way a little bit of melted ice isn't a big deal.

  • Use watertight tubs to create ice-free cool zones within your esky.

  • Create shelves using cooling or roasting racks... pop the shelf on top of your bottom layer to have a melt-free zone.

  • Layer the bottom of your esky with large ice bricks or an unbroken bag of party ice, put your items on top of the layer, then put broken party ice on top!

  • Pop a tea towel on the top of the ice before you close the lid.

And, if all else fails and a fridge isn't in the budget right now: Dry Ice will keep things cold... just don't let the kids play with it. Happy Camping!



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