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Welcome to
The Club for Camping Mums!


The Camping Mums Club is an online club for mums of primary school-aged or younger children based in Australia who love (or want to learn to love) camping with their family.

We are all about making camping easier & more fun for Mums, and have created a go-to camping community that is empowering, supportive and well-informed!

With an extraordinary depth of knowledge in the Club, when it comes to taking little kids camping, if someone in our club doesn't know it, it's not worth knowing.

In our Club, members can ask for and share tips, tricks and advice, post and ask for reviews and recommendations, and get involved in regular social events that include
mum-only get togethers as well as our extremely popular Family Camping Weekends.

From expert campers to total newbies, the Club is the home of honest, no BS advice that members can rely on to improve their camping experience!

IF YOU ARE A MUM & know that this is YOUR club,

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